Thursday, November 8, 2012

People Helping People

Hello All,

A very generous friend, Tricia Ott-Brisbois, was kind enough to send me some money to pass on to hurricane victims here in New York.  As many of you know I have been volunteering and spent time out in the most affected areas.  Tricia's offer has inspired me to keep collecting funds in hopes of helping just one family recover. If we each adopt just one family it becomes manageable and imagine how many we could help. I was most heart broken by the older victims of this storm. Couples who are retired and have limited funds to rebuild the home they have spent their lives constructing inside and out. One man and his wife who captured my heart are in Staten Island. I helped him discard the last of he and his wife's belongings onto the sidewalk. They appeared to be in their late sixties. These pictures I have attached are of their home, or what's left of it. I would like to add to Tricia's kind donation and go back out their and present them with all the money I can collect as a way to help them rebuild. If you can spare it please give what you can.  I'm sure they will be grateful for whatever help they can get. Little by little we can recover from this tragedy.   Our fellow American's need us! Thank you!

Please direct all inquiries to or you can click on the Contact Me tab here on my blog. 

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