Monday, December 3, 2012

People Helping People-Update

A few weeks ago I began collecting money to give to a victim of Hurricane Sandy.  Friends from Boston, New York, LA and San Francisco stepped up and sent me as much as they could spare. I want to let all of you who gave so generously know where your contributions went.

With the help of my friend Anthony Falcone, a Staten Island resident, I found the perfect recipient.  A man named William lost everything in the storm. The first level of his home and the garage were destroyed.  William is a carpenter by trade. His tools were completely ruined and unsalvageable.  Neither insurance nor FEMA would cover the expense to replace his tools so he could get back to work.

Yesterday, with you help, I handed Anthony a check for William to go buy new tools.   He will not only be able to go back to work but also help others rebuild their homes in Staten Island. It's the gift that truly keeps giving.  I included a letter with the check telling William he is not alone and people are praying for him and his fellow residents every day. Please keep them in your prayers and if you can start your own collection to help just one person still struggling this holiday season, please do so. Remember that many people don't even have homes to decorate this season. Remain grateful for what you have and reach out to help your fellow citizen.

God bless and thank you again for your help!

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