Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Amway’s Dick DeVos and the Right-to-Work

            Yesterday’s decision by Michigan’s Governor Rick Synder has ricocheted through the United States as a major victory for the Republican lawmakers. It’s another move by the GOP that proves they are extremely out of touch with what the majority of people in this country want, but don’t seem to care.  Not to mention a sneaky and shady move on Gov. Synder’s part to get elected with an agenda that clearly opposed right-to-work only to sign the bill into law behind a wall of police officers that separated him from a sea of protesters whom he had blatantly deceived. It was a move that shocked everyone.
            What didn’t shock me however was to hear that Amway CEO Dick DeVos, son of founder Rich DeVos, is among those who financially and morally support Gov Synder and the right-to-work bill.  It’s another contradiction from the Amway billionaire as he preaches about “free enterprise” and treating workers “like family” and yet supports a political party and such bills like the right-to-work that essentially take safety and rights away from these family like workers. Dick DeVos grew up in the same money hungry Amway bubble I did but he is still in that bubble!  He does not believe in free enterprise and the equal rights of all people. He believes gay people are not equal to straight people and he believes in treating people differently in the work place.   That is the very definition of free enterprise in the world of Amway, but not in the real world.
            There are some really good people in the Amway business and strong parts of that business. But the man driving that bus is doing so blind folded, running people over without a care in the world.  He is what I believe to be part of the top two percent who are hanging on to old American ideals that no longer work out of fear that the straight, white, Christian boys club his father raised him in, is shrinking into oblivion.  I wish his fear was actually possible and they would shrink into oblivion, but I don’t think that will happen in my lifetime.  But they are now the minority and fighting to hang on to control over their money, taxes and egos.  It’s unfair and un-American. 

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